1. Hippy Dude

From the recording Poor Little England

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Hey hippy dude I don’t mean to be rude / but your hand’s not on my chakra no it’s really on my boob / and if you don’t remove it then you’re gonna get sued / cos you didn’t get permission and I’m just not in the mood

I don’t need your teeny weenie / kundalini anywhere near me / so put your clothes back on and stop staring at my bikini / stop trying to feed me / hallucinogenic venom / I'm not stupid I get it / you're trying to get me to bed / it's pathetic / I think you better know / I’ve seen the way you flow / ogling my downward dog and / staring at my camel toe / well I’ve had enough of this / I don’t have to suffer this / I’m an open minded lady / but you’re taking the piss you know


You think you’re so woke, mate / you’re just an old bloke keeps / claiming he’s a shaman / when he’s really just an old joke / who smoked dope and sold coke / when he should have been having a good soak / instead he was giving the women a good grope under cover of wood smoke / and I don’t know / what your name is / but I do know what your game is / cos I’ve dealt with a million people just like you / though you might be the lamest / telling me I’m a Leo in Venus. / I think what you mean is / you’re basically looking at me with your penis / and then you be talking through Uranus


You’re such a cliché / telling stories about the winters when you were living in India thinking now I’m into ya but you’re too late / cos I know you’re just a typical hypocritical hippy trying to come over spiritual just to / get laid / and I hate to be the one to break it to you but your kinda bad at playing the guru so / give it up mate / It’s getting kinda late / I guess that you could say / that we don’t resonate no