1. Not My Place

From the recording Poor Little England

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I know it’s probably not my place / but I’ve been looking for a way out of this empty race / Now we’re running out of grace / got to take ourselves a minute just to contemplate / Where are we going yeah / what are we trying to achieve / what is the point if all this / is only make believe

Been working in a bullshit job / in a bullshit system for bullshit wages / 40 hours pushing numbers around / so that some little clown / can unlock these cages / and if you work hard and you don’t complain / then you might even say you made it / but what did you make? Did your labour create / truth and beauty or fake-ness? / They tell you it’s a fight / to the bitter end / no matter it’s your brother / sister or your friend / somebody’s got to lose so that you can win / and that’s why we keep losing again and again / but every time your losing your gaining a friend / and a friend they give you more than riches ever can / so in the end, does anybody ever win no no no no


Everything for sale / everything on special offer / no matter what you say / you’re just another happy shopper / your country needs you now / so put your hands into your pocket / and shop until you drop they say / that’s the only way to stop it / On your marks, get set, go racing down to Primark / queueing round the corner from first light til it gets dark / retail therapy that you can’t afford let pass so you / set your alarm at 6am to give you a head start / Black friday every day from now until the planet dies / kids aspiring to monetize their so called private lives / profiled, analysed, incentivised then polarised / watch live online as we document our own demise


Well there’s no meaning anymore / nobody’s ever wrong / or that’s the way we wanna play / obsessing over where we disagree / instead of listening / to what the other’s got to say / and while we fight over some petty little difference / the real power treats us all with indifference / our only strength is our numbers and our vision / so we need to learn to listen or we’ll soon be irrelevant / Everyone’s an expert these days I’m getting sick of it / throwaway cut and paste opinions just for the kick of it / craving that dopamine hit that you get when they click on it why / bother listening to people living there in the thick of it / fighting on facebook for our god given right to be wrong / listening to any old idiot with a mic and a song / each and every person driven by their desire to belong / pick out the enemy pile on pile on