From the recording Poor Little England

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Tension this tension / man it’s killing every muscle in my body / and I'm giving it attention so I can hold / this situation, this nation / man it’s filling me up with frustration / I'm living in a crazy world of two faced mother lovers / and they’re taking over this place / while we grind axes, pay taxes / put a little bit of cash under the mattress / they just cash in a few back scratches, no catches / all the money disappears like a bottle of thatchers on a hot day / I don’t even know what I'm supposed to not say / I don’t even care if I'm a pawn or not / I'll still be giving it my all because it’s all I got, because

This world is run by fools / that’s why I say I'm done playing by your rules / cos every time I try I get so confused / you tell me do like you say not like you do / so now I feel my anger is building up / well I've heard so many lies now I've had enough / and though I try my best to fight fear with / my loving intention / if you’re not angry yet / your not paying attention

Cos when you start to dig / dig a little deeper now it’s far too big to get / even a half of it to make sense / following enough to get me incensed though, been so / caught up in all the nonsense / pummeling my brain with shit man it’s constant / I'm in the frame of mind to give a little bit of my mind / to anyone who dares to want some / but I don’t wanna let my anger control me / leads to the dark side Yoda told me / silly old me, still they hold me / man I gotta break free like Wan Kenobe / and I don’t mean giving up and running away to weave yoghurt / no what I wanted to say is if you got it / then you gotta be on it / and get bees in your bonnet / make peace when you want it / hang on a minute, stop the beat! / I got a feeling that somebody's watching me / MI5 it’s got to be / I've been sloppy and they’ve finally got to me / hang up the phone don’t talk to me / if you’re not worried then you certainly ought to be / if you resist then you’re already on their list / cos that’s the way that it is / when you know that


Did I mention this? / your kids not even knowing what a pension is. / another mother lovin utter mentalist / redefining what the word presidential is / I take offence at this / I've met better qualified young plumber’s apprentices. / we’re talking ‘bout a man doesn’t even understand / how to formulate sentences / and yet a man like that / has his finger on a button / that can wipe countries off the map / and with a plan like that / is it really any wonder that we’re living in a world of crap / but yeah we can fight back / let me tell you I'm about to blow so stand right back / there’s no way I'm gonna listen to this kinda racism / from a man with a tan like that / yeah but hold on bill / orange lives matter too / what’s the matter with you? / I thought you knew better than to pick a battle / when the bigger the apple that goes rotten / the quicker the tree-rot’s forgotten / you better be cottoning on a whole lot quicker than me / getting it a whole lot bigger than me / forget about the fruits / go straight for the roots / and just cut down the whole damn tree / cut down the whole damn tree.