1. Dreamer

From the recording Poor Little England

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I’m doing my best to communicate these ideas to you / express my fears to you in a way that quite honestly should take years to do / but here I am. Trying to get it across in five minutes
like five lyrics will suddenly silence these sly cynics / but still I go / cos I know that if I succeed / my single track could have more impact than a stack of books you’ll never read or / maybe you will / you’ll take the red pill, maybe this / song will inspire you to go even deeper still / and when you do / and the truth is laid out before you / in all it’s glory / don’t be surprised when they ignore you / cos facts are not enough to distract this wolf pack from cutbacks / to services we already lack / so take back the power now is the hour if we allow another minute they’ll devour the world with us in it / there’s no limit to their greed it’s infinite unlike the planet so dammit you’d better panic.

and you say that I'm a dreamer / eh eh eh / I'm done waiting for a leader / eh eh eh / well you say that I’m a dreamer / eh eh eh / I'm done waiting for a leader / eh eh eh

Now I'm a child of the 1980’s / iron lady, nestle babies / terrified nuclear bombs would annihilate me / and i’ve been learning lately how the era that made me / also marked the beginning of a shift in power that affects us daily / but now it’s failing / and the edifice is falling / and we don’t have much time left to heed the warning, so I keep recording / I keep repeating all these worthwhile new ideas I’m meeting / trying to see a future past the weekend / We sow these suicidal seeds / and yet our kids will do the reaping / Sold out a generation in the name of keeping it / cheap and cheerful / keep em fearful / hooked on credit, so they don’t regret it, / start forgetting what they’re here for / You’re here to service the machine / and as long as we keep spending they keep lending / just to keep alive the dream until this / whole murderous scheme just bursts at the seams / I hate to say it but it’s worse than it seems


We need to learn from the past / not yearn for the past / No matter if you’re a believer in the markets / or a reader of Marx / Cos we’re not dealing the cards / the hand’s down / and this is hands down / the most blinkered way of thinking since Bill Clinton took his pants down / a man’s sound is way more mighty than his sword / so when you’re fighting to be heard and getting tired / of always being ignored / You need to join your voice together with the chorus / cos when voices are united there’s no way they can ignore us / and I'm sure as long as I can hold a tune / well I’ll be fighting on the front lines and shooting for the moon / and I’m certain that a change is coming soon / and what it is well that’s up to you