1. Greed

From the recording Poor Little England

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My friends are saying I sold out to Bill Gates / well I guess his bank transfer must have got delayed cos I still paid my bills late / and no matter how much love I throw at it the internet still hates / so fuck the internet I'm going home to bake cakes / or masturbate / I've not decided yet I'm on the fence still / trying to make good use of all this time now that my tour’s been cancelled / pinned all my hopes on 2021 but when all’s said and done they’ll turn around and tell me music’s not essential / but don’t get me wrong I do appreciate the dangers / of travelling round the country getting paid to spit on strangers / I just miss the old days when going viral meant you got plays and the only thing contagious was the bass that made us famous / it’s outrageous / when you look at New Zealand or Japan / and then hear boris banging on about his world beating plan / the only field we’re winning in / is covid deaths per million / and voting in a furry turd / masquerading as a man

How many times / do we listen to them spouting these bare faced lies / no no no no / before we rise / and decide that enough is enough no more / no no no no / they promise you that greed is the answer / but I'm telling you that greed is the cancer / you need to operate as soon as you can sir / cos the patient is dying

*Phone rings* / baaa…. prime minister speaking / good afternoon sir, I'm calling from the department of health / you’ve recently tested positive for a misallocation of wealth / it’s seems you handed the money to a friend of friend / and now we’re trying to track and trace where the all those billions went / if you could just take a moment to answer a few questions for me / I've tried speaking to my mp but she just seems to ignore me / what I'm trying to figure out is whether you simply messed up or whether you are in fact just hopelessly corrupt / na na na now hold on there a minute / ah ah ah I think that’s not exactly fair is it? / I mean.. I think that greed / is our best plan / and that’s why I've been as greedy as I possibly can / corrupt? me?? well that’s a point of view / I mean.. I was merely returning some favours to my chums from school / it’s a simple case of you scratch my back / and ah ah ah I'll give you a government contract


Now just in case you’re still confused / I’d like to clarify my views a bit / I'll probably get abuse for it / but maybe you’ll make use of it / I don’t know / covid’s not a hoax though / videos on youtube are best viewed for pranks and jokes so / don’t go too deep down that rabbit hole until you’ve vetted it / I've been there done that bought the t-shirt then regretted it / a voice that’s soothing overlays dramatic music but don’t be fooled / that shit will rot your brain like ketamine / and it’s unsettling I know, so no I'm not suggesting that we shouldn’t question everything, in fact the opposite / I'm simply wishing we could extend that scepticism to some of the shit we read on facebook cos let’s face it there’s a lot of it / we sift through lies searching for allies, choose sides / and watch society divide and polarise itself again / but your enemy’s enemy’s / not necessarily gonna be giving you anything / better than what you’ve been getting already / from some of these so called friends… so