1. Fool Britannia

From the recording Poor Little England

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I bet you never thought you'd regret a bj / but now you're wishing you could request the replay / you're on your knees begging please to the dj / rewind my selector rewind! / I don't really wanna send this country back to the stone age / I just want to shake things up a little in a cold rage / sick of being trapped in poverty into my old age / rewind my selector rewind / now we’ve got another bunch of idiot millionaires / we've seen it all before but still they catch us unawares / shout power to the people like they really don't care / but the truth is that they don't and they won't so beware / yes they've all got short positions riding on a weak pound / so they'll keep making money as they drive it through the ground / and as the big roulette wheel keeps on spinning us around / we'll all be singing rule britannia, rule britannia

Britannia rules the waves / as we set the sails ablaze / and then sink beneath the waves / the crowd cries fool britannia, fool britannia yea

Now what you were told was a big fat lie / but everybody knows big boys don’t cry / so now you gotta stick to the script / and hope you don’t get picked up for the porky pie / anyway you gotta protect your damn pride / pick one side / fight to the death that’s right / everybody take two steps inside / where you gonna go now left or right / left or right left or right it’s alright / take all the time you need we got all night long / everybody wants to belong / so you pick out a song and start singing along / now maybe I’m singing it wrong / or maybe you’re singing it right / lately I feel like we’re living a lie / and you never know if you don’t give it a try / I’m all up for taking back control / but baby you know the story you’re sold / is never what you get at all / we’re gonna reap just what we sow, / empowering bigots when will we get it this situation’s a setup yeah / there's more than two sides to a story / and maybe you were right to ignore me / but I say what I see so don't bore me / with all your rule britannia, rule britannia /


I feel like we’ve been here before my friends / so let’s not go and open that door again / cos everybody knows where it leads / are we too blind to see / or just scared to believe it / and when it’s all gone / they’ll be saying it was always so / now maybe we can all move on / from all this rule britannia rule britannia