1. Boyfriend

From the recording Why We Fight E.P.

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I met her on the dancefloor
It must have been about 3
I could tell by the way she’s looking at me
That she likes me
So I go and say hello
“What’s your name?” well she tells me it’s Flo
And I know that
Pretty soon we’re gonna dance
Maybe later there could be some romance
And I’m thinking, I might take a chance

And suddenly she’s holding my hand
Well I’m thinking I could be her man
I’m figuring she might be the one
Well I can feel her hand is on my bum
And now I’m thinking that maybe we could be drinking back at my place
So I put my hand to her face
Trace the line of her cheek
I tell her we could stay in bed for the whole of next week
And she smiles at me,
She says so evenly “you know,
That’d be just fine with me...

If I didn’t have a boyfriend
Yeah yeah
I could be your friend
Whoa whoa
If I didn’t have a boyfriend
Yeah Yeah
But I do so I’ve got to
Keep my hands off you”

So feeling rejected, I head back to the bar
Frustrated to have got so far then get knocked back
So now I’m knocking back a jar
When suddenly I spot this hottie from afar
And the next thing I know she’s next to me
Asking if I wanna do some ecstasy
My curiosity gets the best of me
Because the look that she’s giving says sex to me
And I think that maybe we’re falling in love
Well her lips they fit me like a glove
I lean in and whisper in her ear
Whoa baby let’s get out of here
She takes me by the hand, says
“That’d be just grand...

Of you, off you etc
Cos you’ve got a boyfriend, yeah yeah etc

It’s time to leave now my head is aching
My heart can’t take another breaking
I should be taking a taxi home alone not procrastinating
But then I feel a hand on my hips
And I turn around and see those lips
Her make-up painted on so thick
That I swear it’s dripping on her chips
And she looks me in the eye, she says
“Hello there sexy guy!”
But I see through the lies
I see through the smile cos I’m getting wise

“You’ve got a boyfriend, haven’t you?
I’ve heard it all before
You can’t be my friend
Yeah I know your game love
Yeah you’ve got a boyfriend
Well I can see it in your eyes
She says
“Actually I’ll have know I don’t thankyou very much!”

“But if I didn’t have a husband, six kids and a dog
Well maybe I would give you a snog
But I do yeah, in fact that’s him over there
The one coming at you waving that chair
And I think that, well boy you’d better run
Otherwise you’re gonna come get some
And I think I must’ve run all the way home.