1. Life's Good

From the recording Monkey Suit

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Life's Good (LG Electronics), I'm lovin it (McDonalds) / Livin it to the max (Pepsi Max) / despite the threat of bomb attacks / and monetary collapse / and yes perhaps I am naive / but I believe (Sony) in what I do / Cos the world we make believe could be / the world where dreams come true (Disney) / So let's just do it (Nike), cos we're worth it (Loreal) / be inspired (Dell) to start again / cos the rules were only written with / some paper and a pen / and not everything in black and white makes sense (Guinness) my friends / so challenge everything (EA Sports) / follow your own rules (Audi) until the end / Cos life's good / and I mean the real thing (CocaCola) / not that bullshit superficial image that your given / on your tv screen / Life's good // There are some things in life / that money can't buy (Mastercard) / some truths from which you can't hide / so obey your thirst (Sprite) for knowledge / and expand your mind, change your world (New Statesman Magazine) and re-align / Cos understanding comes with time (Time Magazine) / and mankind needs to find / a brand new paradigm / Before the world gets wrecked / but don't get upset, learn to treat it with respect (Toyota Yaris) / cos it's without a doubt / the best a man can get (Gillette)/ And yes I know that we've / a way to go just yet / but impossible is nothing (Reebok) / when there's nothing to correct and... // We need a world where people matter (RBS) more than profit / you want it, you get it, you got it (Burger King) / but tell me where's the product / that can reach out and touch someone (AT&T) / become the choice of a new generation (Pepsi) of people / willing to give up making a killing / by selling and start / considering whether or not / it's really intelligent / to be chasing after money / while the world decays / so live like you mean it today (Bacardi)..