From the recording Monkey Suit

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Hello and welcome to the show / nobody knows where this might go / open your mind to the sound / and let the rhythm of the band take hold, hold and / Dance, like it's your last chance before the DJ begins to play trance yes / Dance, let the rhythm take hold of your mind body and soul and lose control and / Dance, like your the only one here, throwing those shapes like you got no fear and / Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, da-da-da-da-dance, Oi! / Dance like a man possessed / caressed by the rhythm like a hand to a breast / understand that it's not about the way your dressed / or whether your moves are the best / Dance like a woman who's got no pride / forget about trying to attract those guys / dance til you can't feel your burning thighs no more / and you're sweating off a whole dress size, oh Dance, like it's...// Dance like a lunatic / stop thinking with your dick and trying to look slick / just pick up your feet to the beat and feel the bass kick / and anyway the girls love that shit / dance like a full blown heart attack / sweat like a river running down your back / making a puddle on the floor surrounding your feet / that's deep enough to drown your cat, oh / Dance...//