1. Monkey Suit

From the recording Monkey Suit

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I'm just a monkey with a big-ass brain / caught in a battle with my DNA / over control of the decisions I take / provisions I make / to honour the behaviour I wanna display / I'm sick of thinking with my dick all the time / and always trying to protect what's mine / I've got a feeling that there's more to life than replicating my genes / and then protecting the family line / 'cause this mind of mine has now developed to the point where I'm / aware of my instinctive reactions in time / that I can choose to change and rearrange the way / that my mainframe considers how to play the game / but if I'm playing the game for the fame and success / I'm only gonna wind up stressed and never give it my best / because I'm too busy trying to get my name in the press / and get the girls undressed / What does it mean to be a human being / Tell me is it really no more than it seems / Am I really no more than the sum of my genes / Won't somebody tell me please / Because I've really got to know / so I can see which way to go / I'm feeling like I'm losing my control / A little ego in a monkey suit / barely moved on from the chunky soup / where the competition began / back when being a man was just a possibility / contained in the inorganic multitude / but now we're moving on / and social evolution is the movie song that sets the next scene / where we get to dream what it means to be a human being / and if you disagree prove me wrong / because for way too long we've been living a lie / given white lies since you was knee high / over simplified replies to your / "who am I? what am I? where am I? why?" but / nobody knows any more than you do so / don't ask nobody what it means to be you 'cause / you are unique yes a freak of nature / made to break from fate - be your own creator 'cause / you got your own mind / and you can use it any way you like, No oh / you got your own life / and you can lose it any time... // So what does it mean / like really at the fundamental level of being / what is the plot of this / incredible scene / 'cause I've been looking for the truth since I was fifteen / big themes for a kid with big dreams / but the battle of genes is old hat now / today the tussle of ideas is the battle ground / people giving us our dreams from the top down / next generation of teens to get locked down - what now? / you wanna play this game? drop this name? / looking up at people 'cause they got this fame? / you wanna take a better look at yourself mate / before you suffocate on your self hate / 'cause fear is a led weight / the sooner you lose it the quicker you can elevate your head-state / vacate the dead weight / try to figure out a way of liberating your own fate / before it's too late.