1. Long Way Down

From the recording Monkey Suit

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Well I don’t know bout you but me I’m kinda feelin confused / Like everything I thought I knew and understood’s no longer true / But if that was all a lie, the reasons why that justify / the differences dividing us and them well that just makes me want to / Cry, out, fist in the air, people all shopping like they just don’t care and / Me, I was so unaware, till I took a trip and I went down there but / Now I’m still livin a lie, in my big house with my van outside while my / Friends down there they try to survive on one quid a day when I just spent five on a / Bottle of wine. So fine. Need that shit just to help my mind / Unwind. Cos sometimes, living at the top can still be a grind / But that line, well I find, it doesn’t really hold weight most of the time / Cos even as I sit here writing this rhyme, something I say just serves to remind me / That even though I may not have that much / What I have is way more, than enough / And even at the top we’re still looking up / Looking up. Cause it’s a... / Long way down from the top to the bottom yeah / It’s a long way down from the top to the bottom ey / Well it’s a long way down from the top to the bottom yeah /(Waye kuomase thcuo suf daem thcuo kaow meti na yea)/ It’s a long way down from the top to the bottom ey / (but it's a longer way up from the bottom to the top yeah)/

kama hamala lemajang bitemreow sounow bege naow yae mou yowmboulol sounow bege dem dem mou metilo metilo le metilo le
(Let me tell you what I learnt about europe. When they like to come to our country, it's really easy for them, but when we are trying to go, it's going to be much harder, much harder)

Well it’s a long way down it’s true. Waiting at the airport with nothing to do / Long haul flight all night til you rock up the next day in someplace new / Man I hope that we get there soon got no leg room and a plastic spoon and / Fork, with which to eat my pork. Or should I say pork-like processed food / And then I put, my head to the window and look / Down at the sea and put down my book / And there in the waves I spot, an almost invisible little black dot / Now there’s 60 men in this boat. 10 women 2 children and a goat / Lost at sea now they’re barely afloat, captain says that he still don’t know where they’re going / Cos he can’t find North. Compass is broke and he can’t plot a course by the stars no more / Cos he’s just a fisherman by trade but he got paid to be captain for the day / Anyway this is now day twelve, foods all gone you gotta fend for yourselves / Thinking of the moment you made your farewells to your family back where your memory dwells / But it’s too late to turn back now. Following your dream to milk the white cow. / Save up enough to build a new house then send back the money to make your dad proud / And then you turn your face to the sky, wiping at the tears that well in your eyes / and watching as a plane it passes you by, passes you by.