1. Our Streets

From the recording Monkey Suit

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My street's in flames again / fueled by the hype on the news at ten / now another bored kid he wants to join in / go and set alight to a wheelie bin, well / I've had enough of these incidents / but don't insult my intelligence / telling me the riot was a consequence of / criminality and insolence, no. / Cause I've seen the inequality / that you breed in this society / cut-backs that make the people bleed / for your ideology of greed / and you tell me that's the life they choose / but I say they've nothing left to lose / nothing left to lose / Now there's a riot going on in our streets / And they're bleeding, bleeding / And nothing in our leader's speech / That I can believe in, believe in (x2) / I hear them chatting on the radio / like parrots, regurgitate the same old / news media bullshit but what do they know / what it feels like to be living below / The poverty line when every time you go / out into the street all around there's dough / but money always moves in a one way flow / from bottom to top, it makes you feel low oh oh... / Sooner or later you're going to blow oh oh... / When you gonna stop demonising the youth you failed / Telling us morality must prevail / sticking every kid with a hoodie in jail with no bail / for your fairy tale, when you / force feed them materialism without / giving them a hope of ever making a living / and you wonder why they're finding other ways to get cash / and why you're shop displays they get smashed / And you tell me oh / these single mums their sons they just don't know / right from wrong cos their dad was a no show / that's why they're looting whiskey from a tesco / but you don't know / these words you write you must type on a stereo / two dimensional villain from a tv show.