1. Human Race

From the recording Monkey Suit

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The human race is a race against time / Everybody running but they don't know why / Said the human race is a race against time / Everybody running but they don't know why / I'm sick of hippies studying conspiracies on channel U / While doing sweet fuck all to act upon the scam that they / Already knew existed, the simple and yet twisted fact / That fat cats just don't give a damn about the likes of me and you / So what are we gonna do about it, maybe shout it from the / Rooftops till the floor drops out the market and the war stops making / Money for the corporations. I'm losing patience with the / machinations of developed nations towards their poor relations / How many so called liberations will it take / until we satisfy our appetite for power and we make a new / Direction, a peaceful insurrection. / The people casting off the masters of their old oppression, both / Inner and outer. Outer and inner / State and state of mind, priest and sinner / But don't ask me yeah cos I'm only a beginner / But I do know where the race ends so I'll let you be the winner cos the / human race is a... / So now we're running to the future, where maybe everything will / be made clear and all our fears will disappear / Carrying so much of the past on our backs / That we wind up having panic attacks, and then we wonder why the planet reacts / Never connecting ourselves to the cause of these planetary acts / cos we're addicted to facts. Always forgetting that the earth was flat and that was that. You know that / Knowledge is limited. Our own galaxy is massive and we're living on the outer perimeter / so just give it a minute to sink in and you'll / realise the lives that we're livin are miniature but don't / Let that diminish you. Not even one bit / Because the truth is your being is as big as it gets / and even if you haven't figured it yet / well that's ok just keep on livin without any regret because the human race is... // So what's the deal here? Everytime I feel near / to another human being at the same time I can feel fear / As if there's something that I'm trying to conceal here / caught in the conditioning of I don't know how many years / But the history of humanity weighs heavy on my shoulders / Systems of insanity that mould us / and hold us back from ever thinking we could change tack / and take it back to an older track / Back in the day, when our place was as part of the chain / not a race apart but part of the game / when all life was an expression of the one and the same / before we tried to separate and started running away / but now I'm trying to discover another way of communicating / Relegating this old mind state that we're celebrating / start deflating the ego and let go and / set my soul free for the next road, because the human race is a...