1. Borders

From the recording Monkey Suit

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We put up the borders that board us into our boxes / Oh can’t you see now how the locksmith lies? / Stoking up the national pride / While they’re keeping all the wealth inside (repeat)/ We put up the borders / To keep out the needy man / Borders / To protect the greedy man / Borders / To keep all the living men dead, dead, dead / We put up the borders / That separate us from our fellow human beings / Emphasizing difference instead of seeing / The reflections that connect us / Connections that perfect us / The similarities of factors that affect us in our / Everyday existence on this planet that we all live upon / Six billion expressions of the same essential one / The same essential force / That fundamental source / Of energy that manifests itself in oh so many different forms. And it’s / All alright and all ok and that’s just fine you know but / Me I know that sometimes you have to draw the lines just to make / Sense of what you see / Of this reality / But understand the lines you draw only exist within your mind, it’s the / Illusion of separation, whoa oh oh / Separating nation from nation, the / Justification for social segregation / So deep in our delusions like a world of mental patients, now it’s / Time to tear down the asylum walls and let the patients out, it’s / Time to let the refugees inside and share the wealth about, it’s / Time that we all understand / We are just one land / Just one people, people it’s time to make a stand and say / No woh woh woh / I won’t go woh woh woh / I won’t go quietly no no no / I won’t go quietly no no no / And if I do, well you should know / You can’t trap my soul / Trap my soul / Behind these / borders that board us...// We put up the borders / To keep out the needy man...// Borders / That elevate the status of those with resources / Never wonder from what plundering the source is misappropriated / Excavated from the living earth / Minerals like outlaw criminals flee from their place of birth and / Make the journey northwards / Destined for our waters where they’re / Welcomed in with open arms by the governments and corporates / Container ships slip over border points with ease / When they’re carrying the commodities that service our greed, but meanwhile / Deep down in the belly of the ship, a secret human cargo waits / No food or water’s passed a man’s lips for the last eleven days / Kept alive by memories of families they’ve left behind / They ride the waves towards the promise of a better life / Some flee from tyranny / Some simply seek a way / To lift themselves up from the poverty that stalks them every day / Some run away from never ending civil war / For every single one of them / This is the last resort and they say...