From the recording Monkey Suit

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I'm just a man but I do what I can said I'm / spreading the message of the inspired ones and I / travel the land cos I got to understand how I / fit into the master plan. I'm coming to the / Gambia, that's where I'm spending my days, / collaborating with the youth on a the way in the / Gambia that's where the tourists play / but that's the modern day / what about the history of / exploitation under, occupation and the / subjugation of the, population it's the / same situation right across the nation and / across the world with the globalisation it's the / colonization of the modern day age / using economics now to create the slaves it's the / colonization of the modern day age / making sure the rich get paid. and I say / eh brikama do you hear what I say? I say / eh brikama are you thinking my way I say / eh brikama every, woman and man it's time to / dance your problems away - I say whoaa na na naaa / well it's the Europeans drew the lines on the map and now it's / time for the Africans to turn it back I said / erase the borders and erase the lines 'cause their / only divisions in the human mind and the / humankind is just one family, / you cut the skin it's always red when they bleed I said / humankind is just one family. / when will the people see? And I say / eh Brikama etc... / eh Brikama sounds like, Barack Obama he's the / first black man to lead the, Americans and I wanna / believe the world is gonna change for the better but I've / seen too much so I don't, hold my breath I just / accept that the world is led by, greedy men and so I / try to get out of their system then I find my / way to the wisdom in the, heart of man so I can / follow the master plan / and I'm coming to the Gambia etc.. Whoaa na na naaa / nata Brikama poro, cana denkilo la momo / mi lefita musicola ni momo lefita dongola / me I don't drink Cocacola, no I don't drink Nescafe / no I don't support these corporations on their next crusade / me I'm never gonna play that way, even though I know that crime does pay / livin my life in a rightfull way just mind what I say from the day to day while / these people convincing the poor to, spend their money on sugary water / most of the poor can't even afford to pay for the school for their sons and daughters / and if there's one thing life has taught me it's that we / we cannot live with this inequality no / if there's one thing life has taught me it's that we / We got to be free yeah, got be free no no (x2) / I said Whoaa na na naaa.