From the recording Truth & Fiction

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Well they can read your face like a book, one look
I’m telling you that’s all it took, that’s all it takes
To catalogue your past mistakes
Write your pattern to a database
And it all happens in the blink of an iphone
Communication at the speed of light
Passing through the eye of the cyclone
Everything I own
I’m gonna pass it all down
Not to my kids, instead I’ll give it to my clone
Or my clan, with an indefinite life-span
Wanna live until the end of the world?
Come follow my plan, eye-scan
Across your retina vettin ya
Getting all of your letters and never letting you blend in
To the back of the background
Barack Obama telling us he’s backing a crackdown
American smackdown
Wearing a pack on your back and you’re black
You better be expecting attack now

But you’ve nothing to lose if you follow the rules
Kids killing other kids on PS2’s with real drones
Dropping real bombs on real homes
With real bones
In the rubble of the enemy zones

Paranoia is a valid reaction
When your government is monitoring every action
That you take
Every choice you make every stance you take
Every unnecessary law you break
So wake up, and take action
Together we can Beat It like Michael Jackson, our
Biggest enemy’s our own inaction
But together we’re a movement that’s gaining traction
And I hope someday we find our way
Better be soon or there’ll be nobody left
Who we can call sane
We feel connected like we’re part of something bigger
In reality we’re talking to ourselves in the mirror


But there’s hope, I have hope, I have hope
Cos I know, that every seed we sow
If we water it, water it, it will grow
And there’s no knowing where this could go

Next time, you and your lover do Facetime
Sexting bare selfies, but not of the face kind
Remember what you’re doing is having a three-way
Just you, your lover, and Teresa May
So please obey the rules we make
Follow the news we fake the views we take
Cos every single move you make or bond you break or breath you take
We’ll be watching you
Closer than anybody’s ever watched before
When the price of freedom is conceded as the cost of war
We’re losing liberties across the board
And if we give in then we’re lost for sure
But what’s more well
These days we’re giving up our privacy willingly
Become our own worst enemy, man it’s killing me
The stupidity of my own ability to buy it
Hash-tag #Share if you’re feeling me