1. Bristol Peeps

From the recording Truth & Fiction

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This one’s for all my Bristol peeps
Staggering these streets half asleep trying to lift your feet
This ain't trick or treat
Wake up and smell the roses

What’s that? What you tryin to say?
Your lips move like you're trying to communicate
But your eyes are all glazed
What’s that you say? You done too much...
Ohh K! Yeah it’s all clear now
That’s why you’re on the floor crawling around
And you’re calling out
To your mates but your mates can’t help you
Cos they’re falling about like

Zombies in a B-movie
That’s all you ever really seem to be
But it seems to me the only brains you eat
Are the ones that you may soon need

So get up and get yourself outside
Watch the sun rise
Open up your eyes
Cos there’s so much more to your life


Everyone I’d like you to meet mixie
16 going on 60
Used to have a sparkle in her eye and her smile could lift me
But now the skies are misty, eh

Cos these days
She hoovers up lines like a dyson
Gets knocked out like mike tyson
Yeah half the time it’s white lines and white lightning

As for the other half
Well it’s way to frightening
Being sober when you gotta face
All the shadows of the past that you can’t erase
So now you’re running to that other place
It’s written in the lines all over your face

And you say you’re having fun
That you’re not the only one
You say it’s just a game
You can take it as it comes
But when you’re all alone
That’s when the cracks begin to show
You fill them in the only way you know


Well your logic it’s lost on me
Seems like a pretty high cost to me
Only 23 now it hurts to pee
Yeah pretty soon you’ll have your very own colostomy

So wake up before you wreck yourself
Take a minute to collect yourself
You gotta learn to respect yourself
You better check yourself before you wet yourself

And maybe I don’t know what I’m missing
But I’ve got a bladder not a bag to piss in
Yeah I don’t gotta be no mathematician to figure that’s a rash decision
And even if nobody listens
Well it doesn’t matter cos I’m no magician
I’m just a poor musician
Trying to make some people listen