From the recording Truth & Fiction

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Pull up a chair let’s have another one
Just don’t get me started on the Government
We'll be here all night, because I'm mighty pissed off with all these toffs who talk shite
Just give it a rest you're like Fred West, nothing but a well-dressed sex pest
Doing his best to make sure that his mates with the money are left to make more and I'm
Sick of seeing all the lies you spin, sick of seeing all the suckers get sucked in and I'm
At the end of my tether, whether or not I'll ever see a better day
I don't know but hey whatever
Until that day we might as well have fun
Because when everything is said and done
We're just a bunch of clever monkeys on a rock spinning round the sun
What, am I the only one? No

I don't want to play this game, it's getting old now
I don't want to be your slave until it all falls down
Anyone feels the same, well come on over
Cos time’s running out

Check this, this is for all of my listeners, lyrical satirical business
Got revolution on my christmas wish list
Oh wait a minute that's a risky business yeah
So if you're listening in GCHQ
Get a proper job mate the public hates you
I know you're probably just some overweight dude
Trying to compensate because you can't relate to
Anybody in the real world
Evil geek genius dreaming ‘bout the body of a real girl
I bet in Second-Life you're like a player
Soothsayer, dragonslayer, eh ya
Down here on Earth you're just a pawn in a game
Being played by the people who were born into money
They all think it's funny when they're calling your name
And you're running like a dog on a chain, so log in again
This time do the right thing, copy all the data to your keyring
You could be like Edward Snowden
Horns posse blow dem, whistle posse blow dem


Here I go again taking a pen
And taking issue with the mission of these eminent men
But what do I know?
I’m good at hitting a high note
What gave me the impression I was ever entitled
To talk back, take back the power to break that
Conditioned inhibition I could every debate that
Or take that tack with the people who make fact
Mate, give me a break I hate that!

So while you fixate on click bait they’re gonna instate
Slick new visions of a world in which they can dictate
Every angle of a debate
Until the very definition is you live in a cage
Live in a world where exploitation is a given
The only way of living is the one where you’re driven
To earn more, own more, borrow, loan more
You can’t afford the rent, now you’re living at home more
We own more shit now than ever before
We’ve never been more connected and we never get bored
And so you wonder why we haven’t left this crap behind us…
Mate, there’s not an App for kindness