From the recording Truth & Fiction

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One heart one life one planet to inhabit
And only one chance left to hand it
To our children in one piece
Before the damage is too much
But only if we all kick the habit now


Until the corporate can incorporate
Anything above a love of money in their mental state then we
Rely on the state to regulate
Hold these people to account for all the mess they make, but wait
There’s one problem with this proposition
‘cause whether leading or in opposition every single politician
is on a mission to take his honoured position
use it for his own ambition like he’s on a commision

but it’s the same old story, Labour or Tory
vote if you want to just don’t ignore me
Until we separate the business and politics
Politicians are gonna listen to all the lobbyists
Until we separate the money and the media
People stay obedient and power gets greedier
Until we separate the lies from the fact
Well it’s one step forward but it’s two steps back


Well I’m an addict for the oil like the rest of them
Selfishness gets the better of the best of men
It's like the emperor's new clothes
So full of holes
May I suggest we take a rest
Then get dressed again
Cause this mess we’re in, whoa oh oh
It isn’t going anywhere unless we’re investing in, whoa oh oh
The future generation don’t allow the wickedness to win, whoa oh oh
Were heading for disaster but we can arrest the trend
Stand testament to a future where humanity is blessed again, eh.


Well I’m a cynical lyrical animal
Spinning all manner of flammable mannerisms
Til I’m shackled and manacled like that
Cannibal Hannibal I’m in it to win it
Pushing the limit minute to minute but barely beginning to get a
Grip on the basics yeah let’s face it you’re wasted mate
You know you never even tasted it
And you don’t even know my name
You don’t even know my…

You don’t even know my name
You don’t even know my game