From the recording Truth & Fiction

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City boys, sit in traffic in Ferraris like
Pretty boys, sipping soda camparis
Comittee boys, committed to the company goal

Well they say they sell futures
Take a look and you’ll see what the truth is
You were sold a lie
Well the futures they were trading
Were the futures of our children
Who hold the light

You opened your bed up
To accept the company setup
Then you offered them up your soul
They played you for fun
But when they take the money and run
Tell me who’s got to take the fall?

Said we’re all, all in debt to you
I don’t even know why we respected you
When it all went bad, who picked up the tab
Tell me, who’s in debt to who?

Too big too fail to tough to nail, that’s what they say
Now they’re too rich for jail, too poor to bail
Have it both ways
Now I don’t need to speculate to set you straight, oh no
Well this is not my theory this is history
If you missed it
Check the writings on the wall
Sooner or later this fairytale elevator it was
Bound to fall
Now we’re falling flailing
Trying to find someone to blame
And leave the system all the same as before


Hey Mr Morgan Chase
Mean old man with a gorgan face
He likes to make what the organ plays
Build a big bubble in the marketplace
And then skank all the money you saved
Every single one of us here we got played that day
Like a round of Monopoly
Bye bye property
Seems like we never get bored of this game
But all the same
I think now we’re getting bored of playing I’m gonna
Board a plane
Travel all the way to New York just to
Flip up the board reset get born again
Cos in the hall of shame
Corrupt politicians and bankers make up all the names
I’m sick of all the money getting drained
Like a trickle in the vein
Of the god damn water main

And then we all get blamed
They say you’ve gotta give it back to the man
No pain no gain
It’s like a ball and chain
Dragging the people down
And taking all their chances away