From the recording Truth & Fiction

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See these MP’s on the TV
Talking on repeat like a scratched up CD
So many lies that their face looks seedy
So much to hide that they can’t talk freely

It seems now we just simply allow
That every single word that comes out of their mouths is
Put politely, a load of cobblers gonna
House the homeless, employ the jobless

Man you gotta be a total idiot
To buy any of that shit or even consider it
So considerate, leave us a little bit
Throw a few scraps then call that benefit

What? I’m just saying that you can’t lie
Get caught then make out you’re a nice guy
When the cost of just living’s got so high
People can’t even get buy

And we try, but it’s still not enough
Rent just doubled and I got laid off
Caught in a struggle just to pay the debts off while I
Make the best of juggling two jobs

So why, do we cat like it’s such a surprise
Every time we discover new lies
We just sigh
And then scroll on by saying

I don’t know what to believe no more
When the truth becomes the fiction and the fiction is all
When the politicians play their games of war
We’re busy watching shadows on the wall

I’ve given up looking up to leaders,
Man they can’t even feed us let alone leads us
Nurses eating out of food banks
While they excuse banks and let the market bleed us

Do you really wanna feed these leeches?
Do you really wanna hear these speeches?
Go scare some Daily Mail readers
I’m throwing in my lot with the basket weavers

Cos you lot are basket cases
Having debates over who’s less racist
It’s like we’re living in the end of ages
And I still can’t tell whose mask is fakest

But that’s how they keep you focussed
Get your attention then you don’t notice
That power never rests in the hands of the voters
Nah that’s hocus pocus

Now I’m not saying voting’s hopeless
I’m just saying that your vote gets wasted
When you let yourself get sucked in
By the media telling you where you can’t place it

Cos let’s face it, it’s just basic
Human emotion mate, you can’t fake it
So if you ever get a chance to vote for someone taking a stance
You better damn well take it


Does anybody out there know
Where the hell did our grip on reality go?
It’s like we’re living in a tv show
With a screenplay stolen from HBO

And there’s a 8 year old in the director’s chair
Giving a major role to anybody with a grand air
Preferably two or three grand hair
Effectively he doesn’t give a damn or care

Why should he? The ratings are soaring
Who said politics are boring?
He logs in his google account each morning
And watches the ad revenue just pour in

And anyway he’s just reporting
He knows trumps views are all appalling
But he’s not gonna win so just ignore him
Oh hang on: This just in, he just got sworn in