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Oh my god, what a journey! The last album, "Truth & Fiction", seems literally a lifetime ago. We came so close to recording and releasing the follow up album in 2020, with the first single "Fool Britannia" dropping almost on the day that Covid took over all our lives, but alas it wasn't to be. But now that things are finally returning to some semblance of normal it's time to get this album recorded and out there into your eardrums!

We already have some songs partially recorded, and a bunch of other songs just waiting to be laid down in the studio, but we need to raise funds to make that happen.

I spent a large part of 2020 writing and submitting Arts Council funding applications to raise these funds, but unfortunately I was turned down 3 times in a row.  So now I'm turning to you guys, the community that inspires me to keep writing these songs in the first place, to join together and help make this album a reality.

So if you have the means, please invest in this album and come on a journey with us as we take it from idea to finished product! We are nothing without you! 

Note: This is temporary album artwork. Photo Credit: Christoph Harbertheur

Poor Little England

The Undercover Hippy

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Help us raise funds to finish this album by pre-ordering now! We are planning to release the album in autumn 2022, with a few singles dropping over spring and summer. Your pre-order will help that happen :)

Expected release: October 1, 2022

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Poor Little England: Pre-Order CD
  • Poor Little England: Pre-Order CD

Poor Little England: Pre-Order CD

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As always this CD will come with all card packaging, and a booklet containing all the lyrics and guitar chords. I haven't decided on the artwork yet, but trust me, it'll be great :) But pre-ordering now you are helping to make this album come into being! You will get the track "Fool Britannia" right away as a digital download. Thank you!

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CD Album Bundle
  • CD Album Bundle
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Get the whole back catalogue of CD's thrown in with the new album when it drops! Includes Truth & Fiction, Monkey Suit, Why We Fight, and of course Poor Little England.

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When will my items be delivered?

The album is set for release in October 2022. So album downloads, CD's and Vinyl should be ready for delivery then. But as a supporter of this crowdfund, you will also get sent the singles that we release over the summer before they are released.